Duração Local Horary Investimento

1 year

360 hours
Câmpus Morumbi
1 immersion/week
(4 immersion’s weeks in the year)
+ 10 days
+ 2 weeks
(International Module)
R$1.712,26 X23 Cash payment $
*International Module value not included


The BSP Executive MBA is a program that combines understanding and discussions about Strategy, Operations and Structure in a company locally and globally. Leaders will be exposed to strong and relevant content in immersions, an international module and workshops with effective professors and executives.

As the Executive MBA aims at developing prepared global future leaders the course has three important phases:

Understanding and challenging a business – at local level

Understanding and challenging a business – at global level

Winning Strategies and Plans - GLOCAL

The Program is bold and dynamic, with sessions that include theory and practice, facilitated by professors who combine academic background with a sound experience in the business world. BSP fosters learning using several types of methodologies, such as case discussions, simulations, workshops and debates, always demanding the most from students skills.

The International Module during 2 weeks in Boston was designed especially for our students and will strengthen the understanding and challenging of the student´s business.

As important competencies are needed by senior executives, during the EMBA through discussions with executives, innovative classes and team work the focus will be on strenghtening:

Business Acumen
Drive for results
Timely decision making
Decision quality

Business Acumen
Drive for results
Timely decision making
Decision quality

Senior Professionals with English proficiency and aiming to gain strategic thinking, understanding of operational and structural challenges, in order to achieve high level positions in companies worldwide.

Why attend the Executive MBA?

Curriculum Focused on relevant Skills

BSP Executive MBA was designed to ensure that students master in the skills required for an innovative and modern leader. Through the integration of the leadership concepts, strategic business management, class lectures, case studies and workshops students enrich their knowledge and abilities in a dynamic and multidisciplinary manner.

International Module - Boston United States

Students gain exposure to some of the world´s leading business thinkers. This special and exclusive course gives students access to the latest trends of the world of business creating a truly international and integrative business perspective. This course will sharpen the ability to think globally and maximize the potential impact that an executive can have as a strategic decision-maker.

Faculty members with Professional Career and International Academic

BSP professors have a high level of academic background combined with professional career, in both Brazilian and international companies. The high quality of the faculty is often praised by BSP students. This combination of real life experience with sound theoretical concept, results in dynamic sessions and effective transfer of applicable knowledge during the classes.

Curricular Structure

Rigor, relevance, integration and a coherent sequence of courses: four aspects considered and analyzed from the perspective of professionals working in the market, and looking for the achievement of academic/conceptual structures based on a relevant and contemporary framework. We believe that a close monitoring of our curricular design provides a better educational policy.


BSP students are professionals who work in companies of all sizes and sectors. Thus, one of the main benefits that you will have during the course is the establishment of a valuable network of relationships. In addition, you will share experiences with ascending leaders and innovators in the market. Furthermore, you will have a chance to observe and assimilate different points of view and build friendships that may provide numerous personal or job opportunities. Here are some companies where our students work:

Admission Process

See below the admission steps for the Executive MBA:

Complete online application. Append your resume Write and append an essay on a subject proposed by BSP. Append one letter of recommendation from current or previous employers.

Admission Tests

The mathematical and logical tests must be completed prior to the personal interview scheduled at registration. You should take the test in one of our campuses at the CAC (Candidate Attendance Center), from Monday to Friday, between 08:30 to 19:30 or on Saturdays, between 9:00 to 11:30. Expected time dedicated to the test is 1 hour on first come first served system.


An interview will be scheduled at a date to be confirmed by the registration confirmation e-mail after the conclusion of step 1 requirements.

Results of the Admission Process

The result of the admission process shall be informed to the candidate by an email, after completion of all previous steps. Approved candidates will receive enrollment instructions and links for complementary information and enrollment form downloading

Effective Program Enrollment

Accepted candidates must provide a copy the following documents and present at the Candidate Attendance Center at the same campus where the program is being offered:
Fulfilled Enrollment Form ;
ID card (RG and CPF in Brazil) copy;
Proof of address;
Certified copy of the undergraduate program official transcripts;
Certified copy of the undergraduate program Degree;
Previous payment proof of the first installment or pay direct at the CAC (Candidate Attendance Center) using Visa, MasterCard, Amex or Elo credit cards.

In case of help, please call Central de Relacionamento:
11 5095-5656 or e-mail to admissionoffice@bsp.edu.br.


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